Buffet Hors d’Oeuvres

Cheeses and Spreads

  • Brie En Croûte Filled with Maple, Bourbon and Fig, with Crackers
  • Artichoke Spinach Fondue Served with French Bread Rounds and Crackers
  • Torte Basilica – Layered Torte with Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Provolone, and Cream Cheese, Crackers
  • Smoked Salmon Torte Layered with Caper, Dill, Egg, Cream Cheese, Crackers
  • Brandied Chicken Liver Pate Served with Bread Rounds
  • Whole Artisanal Cheeses, Bakery Breads and Crackers
  • House-Smoked Pacific Fish Spread, Croustades
  • Imported and Domestic Cheeses, with Crackers


  • Edamame Hummus with Pita Wedges
  • Roasted Asparagus Topped with Basil Aioli and Crumbled Bacon
  • Black and White Sesame Seared Tuna with Oriental Noodles and Asian Slaw
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese, Served with Dressed Greens and Basil Aioli
  • Tuscan Platter of Roasted, Grilled, and Marinated Vegetables with Olives and Relishes
  • Middle Eastern Platter – Hummus, Taboulleh, Baba Gahnooj, Olives, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Pita
  • Whole Poached Salmon, Chilled, Lavishly Garnished, Served with Assorted Innovative Sauces
  • Sous-Vide Shoulder Tender of Beef Sliced and Served with Gourmet Spreads, Croustades
  • Smoked Salmon Platter with Scandinavian Style Honey Mustard and Pumpernickel
  • Truffle Mousse with Cornichons and Coarse Ground Dijon and Bread Rounds
  • Fresh and Dried Fruit Display

Skewers and Picks

  • Nagano Beef with Miso Aioli
  • Button Mushroom Persillade
  • Thai Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
  • Iced Spiced Shrimp in a Chili Orange Marinade
  • Peppercorn Beef Skewers with Bleu Cheese Fondue
  • Housemade Bodin Blanc Sausage with Mustard Whip
  • Churrasco Beef with Chimmichurri Aioli
  • Lamb Kefta with Tzatziki

Soup Shots

  • Sweet Potato Vichyssoise with Pistachio
  • Classic Vichyssoise with Chive Garnish
  • Puree of Heirloom Gazpacho with Fresh Herb Garnish

Bruschetta and Crostini

  • Tomato Relish with Calamata, Caper, Fresh Basil on Croustade
  • Artichoke Heart and Prosciutto with Parmesan and Balsamic Vinaigrette with Crostini
  • Housemade Italian Caponata, an Eggplant, Olive Caper Relish on French Bread Toasts
  • Warm White Bean with Bacon and Rosemary with Garlic Crostini
  • Slow-Roasted Tomato and White Bean Persillade on Croustade

Sliders and More

  • Short Rib of Beef Sliders with Asian Slaw and Red Onion Jam
  • Barbeque Pork Sliders on Housemade Rolls with Coleslaw Topping
  • Mini-Wrap Sandwiches – Gorgonzola Beef, Black Forest Ham, Smoked Turkey Cranberry
  • Butternut Squash Mushroom Empanadas
  • Thai Pork Nam Sod on Lettuce Leaves


  • White Bean Persillade Salad with Fresh Parsley and Garlic
  • Chopped Greens with Beet, Cucumber, Red Onion, Feta, Caper, Calamata, Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Japanese Miso Salad with Cucumber, Tomato, Orange, Scallion, Sesame in a Red Miso Dressing
  • Wild Rice Salad with Plum Tomato, Pecan, Green Bean, Dried Cranberries, Sage Vinaigrette
  • Sesame Noodle Salad with Far East Vegetables in a Peanut and Toasted Sesame Dressing
  • Wheat Berry and Asparagus with Fresh Seared Tuna, Radish, Ginger Sesame Dressing

Cold Canapés

  • Chicken Pate Stuffed Dried Dates with Sea Salt
  • House-Smoked Fish Spread in Tomato Cup with Scallion
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Arugula, Bleu Cheese, and Golden Raisins
  • Black and White Sesame Seared Tuna with Pickled Ginger on Wonton Crisps with Wasabi
  • Singapore Style Roasted Chicken and Peanut Salad with Ginger and Scallion in Cucumber Cup
  • Duck Rillette with Green Peppercorn, Served on Sourdough Baguette with Radish and Scallion
  • Japanese Style Tuna Tartar with Chili Paste, Garlic, Scallion, Sesame, Served on Cucumber
  • Smoked Norwegian Salmon Rosette Filled with Caper Red Onion Cream and Fresh Dill
  • Imported French Truffle Mousse on Sliced Cocktail Rye with Fanned Cornichons
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadew Peppers with Fresh Chive